'Making music tunes up wellbeing during lockdown'

Univeristy of Edinburgh - Raymond MacDonald et al.


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25 February 2021

Researchers at Edinburgh College of Art examined the experiences of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, a diverse group of players. The Orchestra began improvisation sessions as a way of staying connected during lockdown. Musicians from other parts of the world were also invited to the Zoom sessions. The research found these sessions enhanced mood, lowered levels of loneliness and promoted a feeling of community during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

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'The Emergence of Personal Symbols through Story Cloth Process with Gifted Children'

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek & Jelena Kovačević

DOI: 10.1080/10130950.2020.1783888

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3 February 2021

Elementary school pupils with gifted art ability were found to have enhanced sense of companionship and wholesomeness. It was found that sewing activities influence the creation of personal symbols, which opens a window to assess children's emotions.

Sewing Equipments

'How does art making work? Testing the hypothesized mechanisms of art making on pain experience'

University of Wisconsin USA

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August 2020

Art Supplies

'Art therapy can be effective in improving children's quality of life'

Zoe Moula - University of Stirling

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13 May 2020

Art Class

Do individuals who experience significant depressive symptoms interpret memes related to depression differently? 

UmairAkram, Jennifer Drabble, Glhenda Cau, Frayer Hershaw, Ashileen Rajenthran,
Mollie Lowe, CarissaTrommelen & JasonG. Ellis

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21 January 2020

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'Art images aid communication on experience of pain in medical pain consultations'

University College London & Padfield, Omand

DOI: 10.25602/GOLD.atol.v10i2.1324

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15 November 2019

Artistic images reflecting chronic pain experience were found to be effective in aiding the interactive understanding of pain in clinical setting. One of the example within a case study would be a tiny, tiny doll sitting on a relatively large seat in the hospital, the client asked about whether resonance was induced by the specific picture.

Kids' Paintings

'Body positivity in music: Can listening to a single song help you feel better about your body?'

APA & Dr. Sarah M. Coyne

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5 November 2020

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'Encounters with artistic imagination contribute to people’s well-being' 

Totterdell, P., & Poerio, G. - University of Essex, University of Sheffield

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22 June 2020

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'Viewing Joker would be associated with higher levels of prejudice toward individuals with mental illness?' 

Damian Scarf, PhD, Hannah Zimmerman, BA, Taylor Winter, MSc,et al. 


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April 24 2020

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