J O I N   O U R   F R E E   M E M B E R S H I P

1. Participating in our CREATIVE GROUPS to BUILD FRIENDSHIP with like-minded students across the world through creating artwork (individual/ collaborative) together once a week over zoom
2. Access to our TALKS by professionals/ artists (arts and psychology-related)  
3. Access to our ARTS WORKSHOPS  (university students who can demonstrate high skills in their art area may contact us to seek for workshop leadership opportunities) 

4.PUBLISH your articles about any topic in relation to arts or psychology on our website 

5. Access to MENTORING SERVICE by our creative group leaders about art/psychology related university application
6. Obtain WORK EXPERIENCES and take up leadership role through volunteering with us
7. Get the latest update about psychological/ creative therapies RESEARCH FINDINGS
8. SHOWCASE YOUR ARTWORK developed during creative group sessions in our annual exhibition/ performance. You can work on any topic you want, but we highly recommend creating something related to psychology (e.g. emotion, disorder...) you can read our articles, updates on research findings, and talks to obtain knowledge and get inspired! 


As a student-led group, we welcome university students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) to join our free membership. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us through email or the live chat. 

If you wish to join us, please click the button below, which will direct you to a sign-up form.

Our team will review your application and grant you your membership within 5 working days if you pass our review process. 

Membership is completely free and application is open all-year-round.