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Research Participant Recruitment Platform 

This is a free platform for you to recruit participants for your research project.


Eligibility to post on this platform

- You are only recruiting participants above the age of 18

- Participate in at least 2 existing research and comment "participated" in the research posts accordingly

- Your research project must have been approved and carried out with supervision under a credible official academic institution

- Your research project must have gained ethical approval

How to use this platform to share your research project 

1. Establish a researcher account with us by clicking the sign up button below

(*by opening an account with us, you agree to the terms & conditions, privacy policy and safeguarding policy of ARTSMH)

2. Create a post which will be screened by ARTSMH administrators

3. Once approval is gained, your post will be shown on this webpage 

*By posting on this platform, you agree that your research is carried out with supervision under an academic institution as part of your course requirement and that you have gained ethical approval for it. ARTSMH only serves as a platform to promote your research for the purpose of participant recruitment while participants' health & safety and any resulting consequences of your research are your own responsibilities that we are not liable for.

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