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What is the UCL ChangeMakers X ARTSMH Creative Research Programme?

The UCL ChangeMakers X ARTSMH Creative Research Programme is similar to the main ARTSMH creative groups. This programme runs from May-August (4 sesssions), aims to understand how effective is the ARTSMH program in helping students maintain good mental wellbeing (in general: whether practicing art and self-reflection regularly in non-therapeutic settings could help maintain and obtain better mental health). Not only do we aim to measure the effectiveness of the programme, but we also aim to help UCL students better understand and experience the power of arts in creating and maintaining good mental well-being. Participants will be encouraged to reflect, explore and express in these sessions. Throughout this programme, 4 creative sessions will be held by each group (once per month). The main ARTSMH organisation will provide guidelines and assistance throughout the entire programme. As a group leader, you will get training from the 4 main ARTSMH group leaders prior to the beginning of the ChangeMaker Programme. (to learn more, visit to view the main ARTSMH Group Leaders’ portfolio) We strongly advise you to participate in our main ARTSMH creative group at least once to experience how a creative group session is conducted.

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1. Painting/Drawing Group Leader

2. 3D/Craft Group Leader

3. Music Group Leader

4. Dance/Drama Group Leader

5. Painting/Drawing Group Assistant 
6. 3D/Craft Group Assistant
7. Music Group Assistant
8. Dance/Drama Group Assistant

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