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The CopeWell Study x ARTSMH
'The CopeWell Study is a collaboration between UCL and Jamal Edwards Delve (JEDelve)'

The collaborative artwork made in this collaboration is an integration of 20 individual canvases, with some canvases including provided images while some are blank spaces for reflection. The incorporation of both free-style reflective space and guidelines symbolises the programme’s goal: Through our guidance, we hope that these young people have turned what they have seen and experienced into their own unique goals. We hope that they have learnt how powerful they could be and may their dreams guide them into a bright future of their choices. Learn more about the Copewell Study here. You can learn more about our workshop here


This stencil was designed by ARTSMH based on 3 of the programme workshop themes, namely: future career, story-telling and self-care. This collaborative artwork draws a close to the programme while more importantly encourages the young people to draw out their future through reflecting on what they have learnt throughout the programme.

copewell 3.jpeg
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