We are a student-led group, thus rely heavily on students' contributions. Our volunteering roles are open to members only. If you are not yet a member, please go to the 'join us' page to submit an application or click any of the 'apply' button below to sign up.


If you like to write, have an opinon in or interested in psychology/the arts, join us as a content writer (regular). You can discuss with our editors before starting the piece if you have any concerns. For one-off volunteering, please send us your article through email: arts.mentalhealth@gmail.com with email subject as 'article submission [your title]. For those who would like to take up a regular volunteering position and commit to writing around 1 article per month, please click the apply button above. 


If you would like to tell a story about how the arts help you overcome difficult times, we would like to hear about your amazing journey! Please do contact us! 


We would like to extend our service to more students, thus we need your help. A leader is crucial to ensure the engagement of interested members. If you would like to help promote ARTSMH to fellow students on your campus or school, please contact us by applying for this position. We will provide you with training and may invite you to our regular committee meetings.


There are a lot of psychological research being conducted each day to enrich our existing knowledge. If you are active in catching up with the latest research news or research opportunities from your university, come join us and be a representative to help spread the latest relevant research findings! 


If you are skilled in a particular art medium and would like to share your knoweldge with the others. Contact us with your proposed idea, so that we can collaborate and create your own art-programme! 

organizations/ professionals

If you are interested in what we are doing and would like to collaborate with us, you could either leave a message here or send us an email at arts.mentalhealth@gmail.com We are happy to share your non-profit projects on our platforms and create collabroative programmes/events. 


Thanks for contacting us! We will reply within 5 working days.


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Position: Mentor

What will I do as a volunteer mentor?

  • Hold weekly sessions, lasting 1-3 hours over the course of 1 year

  • Support a child during a crucial stage in their social and emotional development

  • Focus on the individual needs of your mentee-building confidence, supporting resilience and developing the tolls to manage feelings for a positive future

  • Join our peer to peer network of mentors, building role confidence and sharing knowledge and experiences

  • Receive individual support from The Kids Network team, throughout the full year

More information provided in the pdf doc.


Position: Student internship 

What will I do as a LIGCA student intern?

  • Creating education packages based on our gallery collections to be used with schools as an Artsmark partner, charitable organisations and community groups

  • Contacting schools, charitable organisations and community groups to organise workshops and exhibitions relating to the gallery’s art collections

  • Responding to requests for information from schools and groups

  • Supporting the team by searching for appropriate freelance artists to lead workshops, if necessary

  • Curating LIGCA’s art collection by topic in conjunction with education packages and determining curriculum crossovers in a variety of areas such as urban environment, society, nature and animals.


More information provided in the pdf doc.

The Access Project

Position: Tutor

What will I do as a tutor?

  • The Access Project is looking for volunteers to support disadvantaged young people aged 14-18 for 1 hour a week from Sept 2021 with their academic studies, through our easy-to-use dedicated online platform. 

  • Support a young person in a school subject to achieve the GCSE / A level grades they deserve and to fulfill their potential

  • Inspire, motivate and raise aspirations towards further education & the world of work

  • Students supported by The Access Project typically achieve a grade higher at GCSE and are four times more likely than their peers to progress to a top-third ranked university.

  • No prior tutoring experience necessary, full training included over the summer with start dates throughout the autumn term. 

More information provided in the pdf doc.