We are a student-led group, thus rely heavily on students' contributions. Our volunteering roles are open to members only. If you are not yet a member, please go to the 'join us' page to submit an application or click any of the 'apply' button below to sign up.


If you like to write and have knowledge in the fields of psychology or arts and creative therapies, please do submit your article. You can discuss with our editor before starting the piece if you have any concerns. For one-off volunteering, please send us your article through email: arts.mentalhealth@gmail.com with the email subject as 'article submission [your title]. For those who would like to take up a regular volunteering position and commit to writing around 1 article per month, please click the apply button above. 


If you would like to tell a story about how arts help you overcome difficult times, we would like to hear about your amazing journey! Please do contact us! 


We would like to extend our service to more students, thus we need your help. A leader is crucial to ensure the engagement of interested members. If you would like to help promote our group to fellow students on your campus or school, please contact us by applying for this position. We will provide you with training and may invite you to our regular committee meetings.


There are a lot of new psychological researches being conducted every day to enrich our knowledge bank. If you are active in catching up with the latest research news or research opportunities from your university, come join us! 


If you are highly skilled in one of the arts disciplines and are confident. Contact us with your proposed idea, so that we can collaborate!

organizations/ professionals

We extremely welcome passionate professionals and organizations to collaborate with us. 

You could either leave a message here or send us an email at arts.mentalhealth@gmail.com


Thanks for contacting us! We will reply within 5 working days.


Christmas Gift


 Virtual Christmas Crafternoon


'Get together with your favourite people on Saturday 5 December for the UK’s craftiest virtual fundraiser. Spend an afternoon folding, stitching and sticking, and raise money to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.' - MIND charity