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external volunteering recommendation

Disclaimer: Please be noted that we do not have direct collaboration with these organizations. We promote these opportunities based on their relevancy to our audiences.
We are not liable for any consequences resulting from your choice to engage with the organizations and roles mentioned. 

Flamingo Chicks- DANCE VOLUNTEER

Key features 

  • Inclusive community giving disabled children and those with illnesses such as cancer the opportunity to enjoy ballet with friends

  • No prior experience in dance will be needed as a volunteer



  • You will be working with dance teacher, children, support assistants

  • Provide assistance to children to enable them to explore movement and dance

  • Establish good relationships and encourage participation to the surroundings 

  • online/in person 

**This community have won ‘The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service’!


It seems like a very fun way to engage in volunteering and helping disabled children to engage in ballet dance- something both we and them don't get to do very often!

​No specific deadlines, just contact them!


Key features

  • Great for art enthusiasts and those interested in writing

  • Once a week for an hour  - regular commitment

  • Training will be provided 


  • Run session involving looking at famous art works 

**It's an insightful opportunity for art enthusiasts and those who are fond of art discussions.

Also not a long commitment only once a week, which is suitable for those with a busy schedule

No deadline

​(Their website also includes further volunteering opportunities to get involved with Walking support/ Escorting/ befriending!)

Art Explora Volunteer

Volunteers (in pairs) will deliver one hour of creative activities to children and families in a library or a family hub. If you are a confident communicator and passionate about arts and culture, we would love to hear from you. Volunteers will have a library of simple creative activities to use at the sessions.  


Who will the volunteers be working with?

  • Art Explora team

  • Library and Family Hub delivery staff

  • Children & families



In person training with the Art Explora team that will include arts education tools, delivering simple arts activities and safeguarding.



  • Project beings in November 2023 and is once a month in each setting

  • Sessions run on Wednesday mornings and afternoons, once a month

**It's quite a unique opportunity -- volunteers are get to work with the community and inspire them to discover the pleasures and benefits of arts and culture.

Deadline: Wednesday 03/07/2024 - 13.11


The community involves helping children, young people and their families engage in the adventurous life in camps! Camp involves arts and crafts, sports, drama and more...

Key features

  • Equipment will be provided

  • You will also have the chance to engage in the fun activities

  • Training offered 

  • 2-4 days long camp with food and accommodation provided 


  • Capture magical moments of camp via photos and videos

  • Put the pictures/videos in a slide show which is shown at the end of the camp 

**It's an exciting way to engage in something you may be passionate about- photography and media as well as interactions in fun activities.


It is a short-term volunteering therefore perfect for those who may be free in April during the camp!

DEADLINE- 08/03/2024

Marie Curie Companion Volunteer

Spending time with patients of St George’s Hospital who have been identified as nearing the end of their life and providing support for them and their loved ones. 


• Sitting with a patient when their loved ones need a break. 

• Liaising with hospital staff and keeping the companions volunteer coordinator updated with any significant updates with the patient by telephone or in person. 

• Writing and submitting a brief report after each patient or family you support. 

• Explaining clearly the Companions Volunteer role and making sure that families are aware of the services provided by the hospital to families of dying patients.


Commitment:  2-3 hours a week, for at least 6 months.

**Really good opportunity for individuals in our society interested in the mental health volunteer space who wish to get more patient experience!


No deadline 

Arts and Crafts Volunteer


  • Continue delivering a wide range of services to the elderly within Hackney through lunch-club, advocacy work, social activities and exercise
    classes to name just a few.

  • Build up capacity to expand our work and support more people as the need for our services within the local community grows day by day.

  • Complement the skill-set and experience of our small team of staff by introducing new skills and abilities.



The role is flexible, so no minimum commitment required, but we like volunteers to be engaged with the charity for at least a couple of months, as this gives time for you to get to know our members and for the members to get to know you.


Volunteer support is needed from approx 1100 to 1230 and from 1400 to 1530 on a Wednesday and from 1400 to 1530 on a Thursday.

Volunteers can support for one day a week and there is flexibility to swap this day each week.


**They provide a range of opportunities and you can volunteer in the following areas:

  • Catering and hospitality

  • administrationon and office work

  • Arts and crafts

  • General activities support

  • Marketing and social media

  • Fundraising

  • Advocacy

  • Dementia support


No deadline

Untitled_Artwork 9.png
ARTSMH x Outward Housing Partnership 


ARTSMH is partnering with Outward ( to provide our art & mental health programme to the wider London community. We are now recruiting Arts for Mental Health ambassadors to lead a 2-month programme. 

You will guide participants throughout the programme to develop a better understanding of themselves and enhance their mental health literacy via art. Volunteers should ensure a safe and relaxing environment for participants to explore and express their ideas. 

organiSations/ professionals

If you are interested in what we are doing and would like to collaborate with us, you could either leave a message here or send us an email at We are happy to share your volunteering opportunities on our platforms and create collabroative programmes/events. 


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