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Content & Research Officer
Social Media & Marketig Officer
Event Officer

April 2024 - April 2025

Application deadline: 22nd March



Role Description 

- Write informative psychology/art-related articles to be published on the ARTSMH website (summaries of up-to-date research or your own written work! 🌟)

- Summarise your writings into bullet points for dissemination via social media posts

- Peer review other writers’ articles ✏️📓

- You may also be asked to write summarises about our guest speakers' research and to interview them directly for blog posts

What will you gain 

- Stay up-to-date with research findings in the filed of psychology & art

- Have your work published on our website to share it with future employers, professionals and like-minded students.

- Lead the ARTSMH community in psychology-related discussions through your work.

- Enhance and practice your research skills, develop a critical mind and broaden your knowledge

- Regular academic writing practice 

- Better understanding how to disseminate complex research studies for lay audiences in an engaging way

- Supervision and guidance from our advisory team and supervisor 

Essential Criteria

- Current psychology/art student

- Responsible, organised and self-motivated

- Critical thinkers (able to evaluate research methods and gaps in the literature)

- Excellent written English skills

Familiar with APA 7th Edition referencing 


Desirable Criteria

- Previous content creation/ blogging/ article writing experiences

- Previous research eexperience 


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Role Description 

- Social media management (instagram) 

- Conduct regular post-performance and engagement analysis 📝

- Create infographics for article and event promotion 👩‍🎨

- Update our website regularly

- Create monthly newsletter for our members


What will you gain 

- Management and leadership skills

- Gain some digital marketing experience 

- Experience running marketing campaigns from start to end   

- Supervision and guidance from our advisory team and supervisor 

- Potential liaise with professionals 

- Web-editing skills

Essential Criteria 

- Excellent communication and organisation skills 

- Passionate about the arts, well-being, and marketing 

- Have a thorough understanding of different marketing platforms OR digital illustration software (e.g. photoshop, procreate, illustrator, canvas)


Desirable Criteria

- Previous copywriting or marketing experience

- Previous website editing experience

- Artistic and skills in creating infographics/posters


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Role Description 

- Hold explorative art session related to mental health for our members & UCL students 🧚‍♀️

- Contact speakers and prepare for their talks

- Lead the art workshop 🎨🩰. (This may include but is not limited to providing participants with guidance regarding their artwork creation, encouraging discussion amongst participants and ensuring a harmonious environment for participants to freely explore and express themselves. *Please be noted that we do not provide any art therapies.)

- Communicate with participants and collect feedback at the end of each workshop 💞


What will you gain 

- Leadership and management skills 

- Explore a wide variety of art mediums 

- Supervision and guidance from our advisory team and supervisor 

- Potential liaise with professionals

- Opportunities to host innovative art events

Essential Criteria

- Excellent communication and organisation skills

- Passionate about the arts and well-being

- Familiar with art and psychology discussions 

- Previous leadership experience  


Desirable Criteria

- Art-related work experience 

- Knowledge on mental health

- Previous training or an understanding of art therapies (so that you know where to draw the line and not to cross it. We do not provide art therapies as we are not trained to do so nor HCPC registered. We merely provide a safe, fun and relaxing environment for participants to express, explore and build friendships) 


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