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Submission Closes on 17/10/2022

"Re-connecting the Pandemic World" Art Contest

The Covid pandemic has not just separated each of us physically but socially despite the virtual connections maintained through social media. As organisations advocating arts and mental health, we believe that ‘arts’ have the immense power to ‘draw’ people together, especially in difficult times like this. The theme “Re-connecting the Pandemic World” is set to prompt reflections on how the making of art could restore the connections that are fractured and foster new relationships during the pandemic. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this journey of exploring the power of arts, forming connections from the production process and inspiring others to make connections during the pandemic.

Why you should join
- For the top three contestants in each category: Starbucks voucher- For all contestants: Potential opportunity to be featured or to co-author in the upcoming article submission to the BPS PsychTalk publication


Categories and Format (4 in total)
- Individual painting
- Individual multimedia
- Collaborative painting
- Collaborative multimedia

Judgment Criteria
1. Relevance to the theme "Re-connecting the Pandemic World"
     * Key words (suggestions): recovery, human connection, accountability
2. Quality of artwork
     * i.e., salience of theme/message, techniques
3. Originality
     * i.e., conveying a personal theme/message
4. Inspiration
     * i.e., whether the artwork prompt audience to reflect on the them

* The BPS (British Psychological Society) is a professional psychologist accreditation body in the UK.
* Click to learn more about the BPS and the BPS Psych-Talk magazine 

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