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We are a non-profit association that provides individuals interested in both arts and mental health the opportunity to explore, experience, and learn together.


We offer a diverse range of activities. Our current activities include art workshops, talks (by academics and professional artists), community-based art programmes and psychoeducation via informative articles, research summary updates and volunteering opportunities. 

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paper making workshop

In this workshop, you'll engage in a thoughtful process of writing down your joys🥳 and challenges🤯. Followed by the symbolic act of shredding these notes, representing the release of past burdens and the cherishing of positive memories. 

The shredded paper will be used to create new, handmade paper, marking new beginnings. Additional materials like pigments🎨 and dried flowers💐 will be available to personalise your paper.

After the workshop, your crafted paper will be dried and ready for collection at a follow-up session (about1~2 weeks, date to be confirmed), complete with snacks and drinks for a time of socialising and sharing experiences!


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Feature - Booklet 

The "Acing Mental Health Through Art" project funded by UCL ChangeMakers has been featured in the UCL Education Awards 2023 Booklet.


"In 2023, ARTSMH was further supported by the UCL ChangeMakers Continuation Fund to:

1) Sustain the good work and

2) Widen student engagement beyond the Institute of Education ... " Click to read more 



Outreach Programme 
ARTSMH x outward
via UCL SU Volunteering Service 

This program is a collaborative effort between Outward and ARTSMH, facilitated by the UCL SU Volunteering Service. Over the course of two months, we offered a series of engaging art workshops (digital art & painting), psychoeducation and cyber safety education. Click to find out more about Outward. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in collaborating with us! 

Click the button below to see our programme highlight. 


Walking In Gallery

Research Paper Recommendation 

Treating Psychosis: Can Art Therapy Effectively Reduce Problematic Symptoms Associated with Psychosis? - Emily Weekes
Discussion primarily based on Chaidemenaki and Giannouli (2023) - No-man land art voices: A quasi-experimental pilot study on the effects of art therapy on psychotic patients of a Psychiatric Day Hospital in Greece.

Psychosis refers to a set of symptoms encompassing a distorted sense of reality (Schrimpf et al., 2018), accompanied by shifts in emotions, behaviours and cognitions – often present in schizophrenia and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2009)... [click button below to read more] 

Earth Projection

Student Article  
Could Museums Improve Young People’s Wellbeing
Insights from a workshop

Do you love visiting museums? I really do! I believe they are the perfect place to endure cold, dark and long winter days. You can tour around the galleries for hours, make some sketches and potentially even touch some historical objects. Furthermore, museums can widen your horizons as you can learn so many things. However, as a psychology geek and a young adult, museums interest me from another perspective. I am curious about the potential of museums in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing. 


In the context of arts and health research, engagement with arts is categorized into five domains: performing arts (e.g., music, dance); visual arts (e.g., sculpture, painting); literature (e.g., writing, reading); culture (e.g., visiting museums, going to festivals); and digital arts (e.g., filmmaking) (Fancourt & Finn, 2019)...



Volunteering Recommendation 
visit the volunteering webpage to learn more about the roles

1. The National Autistic Society

2.​ Sister circle

3. Bookmark Reading Charity

4. Support Group Co-facilitator Bipolar UK

5. St Marylebone Parish Church Changing Lives Project --
Green Fingers Volunteer


2023 Completed Events/ workshop

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Art Supplies Giveaway
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2022 Completed Events/ workshop

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Completed CONFERENCE & exhibitions

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